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The Mysterious Woods

I don’t know where or why or how I appeared here. One minute I was lying in my bed asleep and the next minute I was lying in the snow! My fingers and toes were blue because of the cold. If I was dreaming then everything sure felt real.

“Hello?” I yelled,” Is anybody there?”

Suddenly, a light flickered on in the distance. I thought it was just a reflection on the ice but  it started moving towards me. Now, I was really spooked. What if it was some axe murderer? What if it was a ghost?

I picked up a jagged stick, pointing it clumsily at the light.

“What in God’s name are you doing here?” screamed a voice. “And why are you pointing that stick at me? Put it down!”

After all that yelling and confusion, I finally realised the voice belonged to an old wood-cutter who lived in the woods with his wife. He lead me to an old wooden cottage that would work better as a horse stable. Anyways, I was already exhausted from stumbling through the snow so I decided I would make an exception to sleep there. Despite the crumbling surrounding, I slept quickly.


Country of focus- China

  1. This is China’s flag.
  2. China is in Asia.
  3. Beijing is China’s capital city.
  4. China is in the Northern Hemisphere.
  5. The population is 1.398 billion!
  6. The national language is Mandarin.
  7. China’s currency is called Renminbi and it is worth 0.20 of an Australian dollar.

8. China has the largest population in the world!

9. Australia gets most of it’s buyers items from China.

10. Mongolia is to the North of China, India is South-east of China and Pakistan is East of China.

My first post…


This is my first post on edublog!

I am mainly looking forward to customising my avatar!

My hobbies are art and craft and I like to collect things. My favourite food is sushi and my favourite drink is bubble tea. I have a pet turtle called Shelie and two half-pets*. One is a koala called Lucky and the other is a kookaburra called Giggles.

*A half-pet is a pet that you don’t own.