The Mysterious Woods

I don’t know where or why or how I appeared here. One minute I was lying in my bed asleep and the next minute I was lying in the snow! My fingers and toes were blue because of the cold. If I was dreaming then everything sure felt real.

“Hello?” I yelled,” Is anybody there?”

Suddenly, a light flickered on in the distance. I thought it was just a reflection on the ice but  it started moving towards me. Now, I was really spooked. What if it was some axe murderer? What if it was a ghost?

I picked up a jagged stick, pointing it clumsily at the light.

“What in God’s name are you doing here?” screamed a voice. “And why are you pointing that stick at me? Put it down!”

After all that yelling and confusion, I finally realised the voice belonged to an old wood-cutter who lived in the woods with his wife. He lead me to an old wooden cottage that would work better as a horse stable. Anyways, I was already exhausted from stumbling through the snow so I decided I would make an exception to sleep there. Despite the crumbling surrounding, I slept quickly.


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